Nak Klahan Chorchork Reatrey

{quality}=HD {rating}=5.3 {speak}=khmer {completed} At the point when a family was treacherously slaughtered by an incredible general, a little fellow named Ning Que got away. He figured out how to get by in the wilds through his brains and developing battling abilities. At some point, he recovered from a heap of carcasses a child young lady whom he named Sang. Since that day, both of them have been indistinguishable. Ning Que enlisted in the boondocks military and in the long run turned out to be essential for the escort of Princess Li Yu as she ventured out back to the capital. He figured out how to find the secret school known as the Upper Story, which drove him and Sang to many wondrous experiences. Numerous unfriendly powers are gathering around them, and individuals are not who they give off an impression of being. Is Ning Que the child of the Ruler of the Hidden world, or the friend in need of humankind against the Timeless Evening? Ning Que would challenge the powers of Paradise and Earth to safeguard his dearest and get payback...

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