Birth Rebirth

Birth Rebirth
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Birth Rebirth movie synopsis

In the depths of a hospital morgue, Dr. Rose Casper, a brilliant but reclusive pathologist, finds solace in her solitary work among the deceased. Obsessed with the mysteries of life and death, she secretly conducts experiments, driven by an insatiable desire to conquer mortality. Meanwhile, Celie Morales, a compassionate maternity nurse, dedicates her life to bringing new life into the world, nurturing mothers and their newborns with unwavering care.

 Celie's world revolves around her beloved daughter, Lila, a bright and precocious five-year-old who fills their lives with joy. Tragedy strikes when Lila unexpectedly succumbs to a devastating illness. Celie's world shatters, leaving her consumed by grief and longing for her lost child. Rose, witnessing Celie's despair, recognizes an opportunity to test her radical experiments on a human subject. With Celie's reluctant consent, Rose embarks on a daring procedure, attempting to reanimate Lila's lifeless body. Against all odds, Lila's heart begins to beat again, a miracle that brings Celie immense relief and gratitude. However, Rose's unorthodox methods come with a chilling caveat: Lila's fragile existence depends on a continuous supply of biological material harvested from pregnant women.

 Torn between her maternal love and the realization of Rose's unethical practices, Celie finds herself trapped in a harrowing pact with the woman who revived her daughter. As they venture deeper into the morally gray territory, their actions become increasingly desperate and morally questionable. The boundaries between life and death blur as Celie and Rose confront the profound consequences of their choices. Their relentless pursuit to defy nature's laws leads them down a treacherous path, where the lines between savior and monster become blurred, and the true cost of rebirth is revealed.

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