The Boogeyman
{type}=HD {year}=2023 {rating}=4.1 {cc}
Young circus ringmaster Wei Wei has only bat-swinging gorilla Ling Ling to depend on as her only family member and friend, when her grandfather dies in the Great Sichuan earthquake, leaving behind an insurmountable debt. When a loan shark threatens to sell Ling Ling and the circus kids to cover the debt, Wei Wei has no choice but to allow Ling Ling to be scouted in the Korean Baseball League by the materialistic sports agent Sung. Ling Ling, now dubbed "Mr. Go," becomes an instant hit with fans and leads his team Doosan Bears to a miraculous winning streak. However, Ling Ling's success also attracts the attention of a rival baseball team, who scouts a gorilla named Rating. The two gorillas compete for the title of best baseball player, and the rivalry between them eventually threatens to tear apart their friendship. In the end, Ling Ling and Rating must learn to put aside their differences and work together to save the Doosan Bears from being disbanded. Along the way, they also learn the true meaning of friendship, family, and teamwork. Mr. Go is a heartwarming and inspiring story about a gorilla who overcomes all odds to achieve his dreams. It is a film that will stay with you long after you have seen it.
  • It is based on the comic book "The 7th Team" by Huh Young-man.
  • It was directed by Kim Yong-hwa.
  • It stars Xu Jiao as Wei Wei and Sung Dong-il as Sung.
  • It was released in South Korea in 2013.

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